About Us

Timbeleza is a percussion group specializing in Brazilian rhythms, from the samba batucada of Rio’s famous Carnaval to the samba reggae and funk-infused Bahian music of the north coast. By bringing the country’s musical traditions to the parks, streets, schools and festivals of Pittsburgh, we aim to invigorate the community and inspire involvement in the city’s Latin music scene. Our group has grown from four energetic members in 2006 to a blossoming batteria of around 15 drummers.

Join Us

We practice every Sunday from 3-6 pm, with a 3-4 pm slot for new people. For up-to-date info on our practice venue, check out our page on Facebook.

Hear Us

All details of upcoming performances are posted on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter, or sign up to be on our email circulation list at one of our shows.

Hire Us

Need to liven up a party? For information on hiring Timbeleza for an event, contact us at sambapittsburgh@gmail.com

Check out details on how you can support the band realize its dream of receiving instruction by some of Brazil’s master drummers in the birthplace of samba.

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